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Heresiarch - Death Ordinance

CD (Compact-Disc)
July 7th, 2017
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Download the torrent file of the song of group Heresiarch from album Death Ordinance for free in excellent quality Lossy (MP3 320 kbps (Stereo, High Quality), AAC) and Lossless (WAVE, FLAC). Release Death Ordinance was recorded at studio Dark Descent Records and published in July 7th, 2017. Album Death Ordinance in genre Black Metal, Death Metal has been published 26 June 2017. Heresiarch-Death Ordinance.torrent download from zippyshare.
List of songs Death Ordinance
1. Consecrating Fire
2. Storming upon Knaves
3. Harbinger
4. Ruination
5. The Yoke
6. Iron Harvest
7. Lupine Epoch
8. Righteous Upsurgence
9. Desert of Ash
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