» » Cerebral Rot - Odious Descent Into Decay (2019)
Cerebral Rot - Odious Descent Into Decay (2019)

Cerebral Rot - Odious Descent Into Decay

CD (Compact-Disc)
  • Album name:
    Odious Descent Into Decay
  • Country of consignment:
    United States
  • Style of execution:
  • Type:
    Studio album
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List of songs Odious Descent Into Decay
1. Odious Descent Into Decay
2. Swamped In Festering Excrementia
3. Reeking Septic Mass
4. Cerebral Rot
5. Putrefaction (Eternal Decay)
6. Sardonic Repentance
7. Repulsive Infestation Of Cadaver
8. Primordial Soup Of Radioactive Sewage
9. Foul Stench Of Ruination

Line Up:
Zach Nehl - Bass (Cauterized, ex-Chronic Tomb)
Drew O'Bryant - Drums (ex-Acid Feast)
Purveyor Of Destruction - Guitars, Vocals (Astraes Pestis, Chronic Tomb, Crurifragium, Demoncy, Excarnated Entity, Hexenslaught, ex-Warpvomit)
Clyle Lindstrom - Guitars (Caustic Wound, Fetid, ex-Of Corpse)
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