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Lindsay Schoolcraft - Martyr (2019)

Lindsay Schoolcraft - Martyr

CD (Compact-Disc)
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List of songs Martyr
1. Saviour 4:17
2. Dangerous Game 4:35
3. Stranger 4:15
4. Into The Night 5:02
5. Blood From A Stone 5:03
6. Dawn 3:10
7. Remember 4:01
8. See The Light (feat. Xenoyr (NE OBLIVISCARIS) 3:47
9. Where I Fall 4:48
10. My Way Without You 4:48
11. Lullaby (The Cure cover) 4:32

Line Up:
CRADLE OF FILTH Keyboardist/Vocalist Lindsay Schoolcraft
EVANESCENCE drummer Rocky Gray

Guest musicians:
Spencer Creaghan orchestrations
Matthew Van Dreil additional orchestrations
Vassilis Thomas Orthodox chant on Saviour
David Michael Moote Gregorian chant on Saviour
Chanel Martins support with childrens choirs on Dangerous Game, Warm Me and Remember
Xenoyr guest vocals on See The Light
Lauren Francis backing vocals on My Way Without You

Fans of Evanescence, Nightwish
dle 11.2