» » Kakothanasy - Dystomorph (2019)
Kakothanasy - Dystomorph (2019)

Kakothanasy - Dystomorph

CD (Compact-Disc)
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    Studio album
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List of songs Dystomorph

1. Prolegomeningitis Essential
2. Four Hazardous Intersideral Beings
3. Excelsior Extrophy Hex When Expunging An Extreme Hexad
4. An Unfortunate Attempt To Abort The Genetically Superiors Miscalculation
5. Entanglement Of A Disgruntled Dissymetrical Coprolith
6. As It Was Diving Through The Eternal Space On Its Insatiable Quest To Devour Planets And Manure New Born Stars
7. Synaptic Degradation Trauma Induces Symbiotic Euphoria
8. Egoskeptical Determination Through Face Swapping Deterioration
9. Neurosyphilis Metareboot

Line Up:
Florent Duployer - Drums, Vocals (Anachronism, Cenotaph, ex-Dynamite Abortion, ex-Burning Flesh, ex-Harmoniks)
Lionel Testaz - Guitars, Vocals (Nasty Face)
Basstard - Bass (ex-Amagortis, ex-Dynamite Abortion)
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